Technical Data

Incident Alarm – System Overview

Max no. of stations per channel 127
Number of channels 8
Maximum wireless operating distance up to 1.5km*
Switch options Push on/Twist off (10 second window to deactivate for false alarm)
Howler Volume 85dB at 1m (other options available)
Panel outputs 2 x Relays 9V normally open contacts
Power supply Control Panel: 240V mains supply with battery back up 6V (4 x ‘D’ cell alkaline batteries)

Alert Point: 6V (8 cell long life battery unit)

Ingress Protection Rating (Alert Point) IP 67
6: Total dust protection
7: able to withstand being submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes
(suitable for permanent deployment outdoors)
Safe operating temperature range -10°C  to +40°C
Compliance The system carries the CE Mark

Auto-dialler option.
GSM battery operated Auto-dialler.
Texts up to 10 numbers in the event of the alarm being activated.

* The unit operated over 1.5Km under test conditions, but this distance will vary dependant upon terrain and buildings structure.
Incident Alarm