Incident Alarm

Incident Alarm

Businesses today face an unprecedented risk from terrorist attacks and other incidents, with a need to safeguard people and protect premises; By installing an incident alarm system you can help to protect your staff and building occupants by quickly alerting them to the potential and immediate threats within your building or surrounding area.

Train2Protect are a leading UK security company, with anti-terrorism expertise and have worked in collaboration with Howler UK to develop the incident alarm. Creating a radio linked incident warning system which is simple to install, use and maintain is not a simple task. But that is exactly what we at Train2Protect have done with the help of Howler. We’ve responded to what our clients have told us and that is; that many of them have no means of alerting staff to any type of incident other than a fire and given the increasing potential threat from terrorist attacks they need a simple and cost effective incident alarm, which we have developed using tried and tested technology in the true Howler tradition: Reliable, Simple and Tough!

Legislation demands that all businesses, retail outlets and education establishments have a suitable alarm system to warn of the danger from fire, unfortunately, most warning systems, such as fire alarms, are designed to get people out of the building, whereas for other events such as terrorist attacks the guidance is often to remain where you are or move to a place of safety; Run, Hide, Tell. The Incident alarm from Train2Protect and Howler offers a simple solution to this problem. Its yellow colour, distinctive sounder and yellow beacon, clearly differentiating it from other alarms.

Key Benefits

Easy-to-use control panel

The Control Panel is designed to be easy to use, with self explanatory buttons for simple day to day operation. Key events on the system are logged on an SD card so you can see what has been happening at any time. The panel is powered via a plug-in mains transformer with a battery back up. There are a number of output options from the panel to facilitate integration with ancillary equipment such as auto-diallers, CCTV systems and access control systems.

Speedy set-up

The Incident Alarm system is quick to set-up and requires no specialist equipment. Battery operated, the stations are completely standalone, so they can be wall-mounted and relocated with ease.

Continuous fault monitoring

The panel constantly monitors connections between stations, and gives you warning if any station becomes disconnected, or if battery power runs low. This gives you peace of mind that the system is operating correctly at all times.

  • Very quick to install Saves time, saves money
  • Continuous fault monitoring know your alarms are connecting
  • Wirelessly link 127 units No trailing wires
  • Unique black switch Easily identified as a warning button not fire
  • Class 1 Radio Receiver Reliable connectivity

Mesh network connectivity

Alert points work together, passing messages between units to maximise the already superb range of the system. Up to 127 units can be connected per channel on the system. With 8 channels available you can be assured of minimum interference from other wireless systems.

Low maintenance features

The panel has a Test Mode function, which enables you to conduct a complete walk test of the premises, checking each alert point without returning to the panel to reset. However, the continuous fault monitoring reduces the need for a physical check. The long life battery packs are economical and quick to replace. They also pose a low fire risk compared with lithium batteries.

Anti-tamper features

The antennae are contained within the casing to prevent damage and interference. The Control Panel has an optional access code for use if it is installed in a non-secure area.

  • Functional Control Panel Very simple to set up and use
  • Off-the-shelf Alkaline batteries Low ongoing maintenance costs
  • Hot Keys
  • For quicker activation, testing and resetting
  • Outputs on panel For interfacing with other systems
  • ‘Lidded’ battery holder Stops batteries becoming dislodged


  • IAAP – Incident Alarm –  Alert Point. Incredibly simple, extremely effective
  • IAAD – Incident Alarm –  Autodialler. Using GSM, the Autodialler will send text messages to a maximum of 10 numbers (optional)
  • IAIU – Incident Alarm –  Interface Unit. Triggers other systems when the Incident Alarm is activated and can be used as a relay to improve connectivity between the Alert Point and Control Panel
  • IACP – Incident Alarm –  Control Panel. Intelligent yet simple to use
Incident Alarm