Incident Alarm Components

Incident Alarm – Control panel

The incident alarm control panel is designed to be simple to install and easy to use

  • self-explanatory buttons for simple day to day operation
  • SD card logs key events
  • Mains operated  via a plug-in mains transformer with a battery back up in case of power failure or for short term installations.
  • Numerous output options from the panel, facilitate integration with ancillary equipment such as auto-diallers, CCTV systems and access control systems
  • Speedy set-up
  • Continuous fault monitoring constantly monitors connections between stations, and gives you warning if any station becomes disconnected, or if battery power runs low

Incident Alarm – Alert points

The incident alarm alert points are quick to set-up and require no specialist equipment

  • Battery operated, the alert points are completely standalone
  • Can be wall or desk mounted and relocated with ease
  • Unique black switch Easily identified as a warning button not fire
  • Alert points work together, passing messages between units to maximise the already superb range of the system
  • Up to 127 units can be connected to each control panel
  • 8 channels ensures that your system will not interfere with any other systems in the vicinity
  • IP67 ensures the alert points can be used in the harshest environments
  • Long life battery pack; economical and quick to replace. They also pose low fire risk compared with lithium batteries.

Incident Alarm – Interface Unit

The incident alarm interface units are easily installed and used to Link to turnstiles, CCTV systems, existing alarm systems, autodialers a host of other devices and can be used as a relay to improve communications between alert points and the control panel.

  • Lock turnstiles
  • Activate CCTV
  • Activate autodialers
  • Connect to other systems, to make your site invacuation or shelter-in-place procedures seamlessly integrated
  • Battery-operated, wirelessly linked and with IP67 rated enclosure, the Incident alarm Interface Unit can be mounted where it is most convenient to avoid trailing cables which are in danger of being removed or damaged
  • Act as a relay to improve system connectivity

Incident Alarm – Autodialler

The incident alarm autodialler can be programmed to automatically send an SMS message to a maximum of 10 numbers notifying that the system has been activated, allowing key personnel to be notified no matter where they are.